About Us

Founded in 1964, Birmingham - UK

A Family History

Our story started back in 1964. Taqwa Halal Foods was formed in Birmingham, UK, with the vision to provide quality halal produce to consumers at outstanding prices. Since that day, we now supply our customers nationwide, and our vision has remained the same,  to ensure all of our produce is 100% HMC Halal Certified and of the finest quality at unbeatable prices. 

Quality Halal Produce


Our values are at the core of our business. Which we summarise as “the three H’s.” Halal – Ensuring that all produce is 100% HMC certified halal. Hygiene – We utilise the highest hygiene standards at all times. Haqq – Upholding your right to fresh, quality, halal produce, at affordable prices.

THF Taqwa halal Foods - HMC Certified
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